Is there more capability in GpsGate, than just running in the background?
Have recently downloaded GPSGate to use with Garmin Nuvi 760 for GPS routing on trips. Have used Garmin 60CSX for prior trips over the last four years, with different versions of Microsoft Streets and Trips. On short trips the new equip is working OK, somewhat clumsy to get the Nuvi to output GPS to laptop. My question concerns the GPSGate software. As loaded on my PC laptop it is working, but when I try to open the software, nothing happens. I am under the impression that there is more capability in the software, than just running in the background. What have I missed in setting up this software.

Thank you
Right click on the GPS Gate icon in the notification area on the bottom right of your Windows task bar and choose 'Settings'

Why are you wasting the capabilities of a great PND like the 760 just to get GPS output for S&T. You can pick up a USB GPS like the GlobalSat BU-353 for a lot less and you won't even need GPS Gate or the hassle of setting up the connection. Save the 760 for what it does best!

Thank you for your info. Re the 760, it is another toy that is relatively new that I primarily use in a new to us large metro area that is fairly close to where we moved when I retired. Only use S&T on longer RV trips. The Garmin 60CSX was primarily used on hiking trails, but have used it since 2006 as the GPS input to laptop and Streets & Trips. The Nuvi is backup as well and also is great for help when walking around in a new city. Based on your input on the BU-353, that sounds like a very easy to use input when we travel. There is a limit to how many backups you can carry, but when traveling on extended trips, 2 or 3 options of GPS input are lite and easy to carry. Thanks again.
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