MapFactor PC Navigator 7 Europe - review by Chippy at UMPC Portal
Marvin Hlavac
Chippy at UMPC Portal just posted an excellent review of Navigator 7. He writes:

For nearly a year, I've been looking for a good PC-based routing and live navigation solution that will work with UMPCs. I bought Autoroute 2007 but the touch enhancements were not good enough that it could be used on the go. Then, back in Dec 2006 I tested out CoPilot 10 but again the features just weren't good enough for UMPCs. Meanwhile in the U.S. iGuidance 4.0 was getting good reviews and at the same time it was being discontinued in Europe. Oh frustration! Then, out of the blue, Mapfactor contacted me to see if I wanted to test PC Navigator 7. Of course I agreed and they sent over the latest version which sat on my shelf while I focused on the Solar UMPC project. Only recently was I able to get it installed on the Everun UMPC and start testing it out. And what a breath of fresh air. A simple-to-operate, finger friendly live navigation solution at last! [read on...]
Chippy includes several video clips in his review.

Chippy's review of MapFactor PC Navigator 7 Europe has been linked from http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/37-list-laptop-gps-navigation-software-programs-reviews . MapFactor also offers a version of PC Navigator 7 for USA/Canada. I will soon review it.
Hi, Marvin. Could you send me a Mapfactor map of Greece (or Europe). I bought Autoroute 2007, but it has only main roads.
Thanks, Garry
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Garegin,

Welcome to the forum.

Laptop GPS World is a non-commercial website. I cannot send you anything, as I don't sell anything . I didn't even see the European version. I only tested the North American version for the purposes of writing http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/1379-review-pc-navigator

Check Mapfactor website to find out how to purchase.
Hey Marvin, I've seen your reviews with the video and all pretty good I might say. It seemed that you were in Bohn did you mentioned or am I mistaken and that's in Germany right? Well anyway what I would like to know is HOW can we update the maps in pc nav and/or will it accept other maps example Garmin or Destinator and so on. The process of updating is explained, but only in a ppc and not on a car pc so if at all possible you know the process of updating please advise. Thank you.

Oops!!! After reading a few more reviews I realized that Chippy was the one with the videos in Europe, please accept my apologies Marvin.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi tony1,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

Yes, the video you watched was by Chippy. I'm in Canada, and I reviewed the USA/Canada version of the product: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/1379-review-pc-navigator .

It has been a while since then, and Mapfactor released the new version of PC Navigator 8 recently. Your posting prompted me to send Mapfactor an email asking them for a review copy of PC Navigator 8 USA/Canada, for a review here at Laptop GPS World. I will try to find the answer to your question, too.
Marvin Hlavac
tony1, here's the answer for you from Mapfactor: "Update maps for the PC Navigator is to be paid for {upgrade to the newest version}, discount 40% of the full price. There are some free patches available on our website to update some bugs or some hick-ups in the sw, but new map data must be purchased. Only within the PND are free updates for 3 years."

Shortly I will be able to have a look at the new PC Navigator 8. In about 2 to 3 weeks there will be newest version available with extra POIs in USA/Canada. That version will be shipped to me for review. Can't wait.
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