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I have just completed a 4 week trip up the coast from Sydney to Brisbane and then back via the inland route (Newell Hwy) to Canberra and finally back to Sydney.

About 5000km in a A$35/day Bayswater Rental Cars Toyota Corolla.

Motels on the way up with my mother on board and free camping with an air mattress in the back of the car on the way down after my mother had been dropped off to stay with friends in Brisbane before flying home to Perth.

I used:

* nRoute with Garmin City Navigator Australia
* OziExplorer with the Natmaps 250k maps and the 100k and 25k maps of NSW (New South Wales) and Vic (Victoria) from

Map stuff

I also had the Cartoscope PDF maps of NSW, Vic and ACT (Australian Capital Territory) from

Welcome to Cartoscope's Tourist Maps and Holiday Guides

I must post one day on how I used Excel to process the URLs and generate a batch file that uses WGET to download all 200+ maps in one go.

Only the Garmin maps are routable of course but the Festy maps are georeferenced.

I was running GPSGate and it saved a NMEA log of the whole trip.

The complete track is also saved in nRoute.

I have a partial track in OziExplorer because it doesn't autosave and sometimes it died of its own accord and sometimes it was shut down by the navigator without saving - GRR!

Yesterday I investigated autosave utilities:

* EDL Autosave US$4

Download Free EDL AutoSave, EDL AutoSave 2.5 Download

There's a good discussion of the options here:

Anyone know of an autosave + file version archive program? - CNET Windows XP Forums

In the end I wrote my own Autosave utility using AutoIt based on the code in the first example:

Multiuser and Autosave Script (AutoIt Script Source) - Updated (8-18-08)

It accepts 3 parameters:

* specify the Window title substring on the command line so that I can use it with any program

* the delay in minutes between autosaves

* /h or /H or no parameters displays the usage info below:

Autosave {Unchanging part of Window title substring - required} {delay between autosaves - optional - if not specified defaults to 10 minutes}

I want to create a map in possibly Google Maps that shows our entire route. I would also like to produce a track profile - of course this is Australia we're talking about so flat, flat, flat is about all it will show though we did get up to 1000m in Snowy Mountains.

The GPSGate log file is 300Mb.

I tried using a program I saw recommended on this site, the name of which escapes me, to produce a kml file but it choked on the file size.

I think I used GPSBabel and it produced a 450Mb kml file.

I don't think Google Maps would let me upload that.

Could I have some suggestions please on how to generate a reasonably sized kml file based on:

* GPSGate log;
* nRoute track; or
* Oziexplorer track

My preferred solution would be to use the GPSGate log as it is always running.

I have read that you can apply a "Block everything but" filter in GPSGate to reduce the amount of data recorded.

Could someone please advise what NMEA filters I should apply to only record location and altitude, if this is all I need for what I want to do?

We are going to Europe for 4 months from next week and I would like to record a log but unless I can filter the GPSGate NMEA I will end up with a 1Gb+ log file.

* Perth
* Kuala Lumpur (4 nights)
* London (1 night)
* Eurostar to Paris (1 night)
* Pick up diesel Renault Clio Estate (A$40/day)
* Around the coast of Spain and Portugal,
* Across the Riviera and northern Italy
* Across the northern FRoY (Former Republics of Yugoslavia)
* Bulgaria and Romania
* and then back to Paris.

The reason for the mad dash across Europe to Romania and Bulgaria is because Australians can only stay for 90 days in any 180 day period inside the Schengen Area (the European passport control zone).

Schengen Area - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

We are in Europe for 124 days so we have to leave Schengen for 34 days.

We were going to spend the time in the FRoY and visit Romania and Bulgaria at a later date but then we found out that the latter two counties are joining Schengen in October 2011 so we decided to visit now and leave an extended visit to FROY until later.

I will be using Microsoft Autoroute (2010 version and 2011 if and when it is released) everywhere except for the former Eastern European countries where the coverage is a bit sparse (mainly only motorways - hopefully 2011 version will be better) so I will use nRoute and Garmin maps there.

I also have the Russian military topo maps (in Cyrillac!) of all of Europe, West Asia (the Middle East for all the Eurocentrics) and North Africa at 50k with Oziexplorer .map files from Poehali (which seems to have folded).

Ken in Regina
Thanks for the trip report, Andrew. It sounds like it was fun.

I can't help with the NMEA log but the track log is dead simple. Load the track log into Mapsource. In the Mapsource View menu select "View in Google Earth".

There you go.

You can mess with the track in Google Earth to change how it displays. I don't like the default where it displays little boxes that mark each track point so I have it turned off (can't remember how I did that now).

The track will show up in My Places under "Temporary Places" item. Expand "Mapsource", expand "Tracks", expand "Paths" and you will see the track name.

To save it as KMZ, right-click the track name and select "Save Place As...".

Hope that helps.

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