When I switch Garmin nRoute from BlueChart Atlantic V 7.0 to V 9.5 it goes blank
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Hi, new to this forum - I have a query. My laptop crashed, everything worked fine on it but having problems with my new setup!!!

I have a Garmin GPS 60 handheld which I connect via a USB to my lap top. I have BlueChart Atlantic V 7.0 as well as Atlantic V 9.5. I have NRoute software installed. I have no problem getting a position and other GPS info on NRoute but when I switch from V 7.0 to V 9.5 it basically goes blank - without the GPS signal it is fine. It still shows the GPS info but the chart becomes useless!!!

I downloaded Franson GPS Gate demo (as advised somewhere on this forum) and that didn't help.

I use this setup for sailing.

Any thoughts?
Ken in Cape Breton
I sounds like you have an unlock issue with the V9.5 maps, they must be unlocked because you can see them but they aren't unlocked to your GPS 60 properly. As soon as you connect the 60, the BlueChart V9.5 sees the wrong unit number and relock, going invisible. Perhaps you entered an incorrect unit number when you reinstalled the V9.5?

I think you will have to call Garmin customer support to fix that.
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Hi, thanx but I seem to have solved the problem with the Franson GPS Gate...Though other (smaller) issues remain!
Ken in Regina
Yes, GPSGate will "solve" the problem of mismatched unlock codes. As you have already seen, if you have the maps unlocked in Mapsource and no receiver connected, nRoute will display the maps properly. If you connect a Garmin receiver that is not the one the maps are unlocked for, nRoute will check the unit ID on the receiver, see the mismatch and refuse to display the maps.

If you run GPSGate and point nRoute at the Garmin virtual COM port, nRoute will not be able to see the unit ID of the receiver because GPSGate only passes the GPS location data, so nRoute won't see the mismatch and will display the maps.

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