Where's Streets & Trips route going when I send it to GPS?
I have a route in Microsoft Streets & Trips 2010 that I'm trying to send to my Nuvi 1490 via USB. MSN Direct sees my GPS and announces that the route was successfully sent to it, but I can't find it on the Nuvi. What am I doing wrong/what can I do right?

Did you try Tools - My Data - Import Route(s) From File on your Nuvi? I haven't done it from S&T but that is where the command is on my Nuvi 5000.

Check for it in your favorites.
Terry is correct, you'll find it on the 1490 my doing as he posted above. Once you find it listed in the 'Import Routes' list, select it by tapping the entry and then tap Import. The Nuvi will then recalculate the route and report that it was successfully imported. To actually use the route on the Nuvi, go to Where To - Routes. Note the route will not appear in the Where to - Routes list until you go through the Import Routes process.
I've done as Terry suggested, but all I see are two older routes from several months ago. When I try to delete these routes, it turns the GPS off. Sounds like I may need to do a factory reset--if I knew how.
If when using MSN direct you name the GPX file before transferring it (I don't use MSN) you should find it in GPX folder on the Nuvi's internal storage drive.

I would suggest that you attach the Nuvi to your PC and instead of using MSN Direct go to Streets & Trips and select Export to GPX file. Now name your file and send it to the GPX folder in the root of the Nuvi.

Safely remove the Nuvi from the PC and you now see your named GPX file listed when you enter Tools - My Data - Import Route(s) From File on the device.

That process works in my case.
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