Unable to Export GPX from Streets & Trips 2011 to Garmin Basecamp or Mapsource
A user on the poi-factory.com forum has reported, and I can confirm, that it is currently not possible to export a GPX file from Streets & Trips 2011 to Garmin's Basecamp software. In testing I find that the same issue is present in attempting to load a 2011 GPX file into Garmin's Mapsource program. In both cases using S&T 2010 results in the GPX file being loaded correctly.

The user on the other forum believes this problem is caused by the new version of S&T adding an "Invalid DateTime-07:00" tag in the xml file which invalidates the data import. Remove the phrase (and it's html tags) and the file will import. IMO the -07:00 is the time zone as I am in Mountain time zone.

You are still able to export the GPX data from S&T2011 directly to a Garmin Nuvi GPS as a route. The problem only appears when exporting the data to either of the Garmin map/route PC programs.
Ken in Regina
The user on POI Factory is correct. There has already been a significant discussion on here about the problem. Check out RsH's testing and comments here:


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