Can a GPS tracking system output a street name instead of latitude / longitude?
Hello! I stumbled across this forum earlier and am hoping someone here may be able to help with a problem I haven't figured out how to overcome.

I'm trying to log vehicles as they travel, but I don't want to (and realistically cannot) use latitude/longitude to do so (there are privacy issues with this tracking that have to be worked around... it has to be less invasive than a cell phone).

Basically I am looking for a way to store location information (road name, city, state) locally in the vehicle where it can be downloaded later. All I need to know is what road a vehicle was on, not the exact location.

I know that many GPS units will tell a driver that they're driving "North on Main Street," but I can't figure out how to get that information stored. Would this require on-board geocoding to translate a lat/long into a physical address, and then storing it? I'm hoping it isn't that difficult (and that it won't require GB and GB of on-board data)...

Any help on this would be appreciated! Thanks!
Every tracking system I've ever seen simply stores the longitude, latitude, time, date, direction of travel and speed. I've never seen anything that would spit out the road they're on.

Once the data is stored, it's just overlaid onto a map, which then shows where they were.
That's all I've ever seen, too, but I wanted to check and see if there was an option or design that I was missing.

Thanks for the reply! About