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Question. I enjoy google earth too... should I pay the 20 bucks and try their GPS version or not? just eye candy I assume? does it track well with the 20x?

Try a (free) program called Goops..

I just find out,that is GPS receiver that is came with GMPC working fine with MapSource,with out any additional software or drivers.Also it work simultionesly with those two program.
hi there!

just an info...Garmin Mobile PC software version 5.00.20 is now avialable.

I think its still the old 5.99.10
Oops, 5.00.10 I mean :-)
No, its the real thing. Still listed as 5.00.10 but will update Mobile PC to 5.00.20

I have tested it successfully with Mobile PC software only and the 20x combo.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi j0sh818,

Yes, indeed, new version 5.00.20 is available. There is more info in the following thread: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/664-new-sofware-update-garmin-mobile-pc-version-5-00-20-a
thanks Marvin!

i have been using a stand alone GPS since i got here in the states. never knew that i could use my loptop for navigation until i saw an ad for S&T. from then on i did some online search and found out that there are so many PC program to choose from.

i have the S&T 2008, nRoute, and this GMPC. but so far the GMPC for me is the best. hehehe! its just like having a nuvi or a GMXT in a very big screen. text to speech and voice recognition is a great PLUS.

this site was referred to by another forum and i really find this very informative.

thanks again!

Marvin Hlavac
j0sh818, it's good to have you here. Keep an eye on other forum sections, too. When the next version of Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009 comes out, we may be surprised by some new interesting features, too.
5.00.30 is available
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Sanych,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

Yes, there is a bit more info about that version over at http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/696-software-update-garmin-mobile-pc-version-5-00-30-a
Folks ,
Would love to able to review Garmin Mobile PC but ahve been unable to source this product. Suppliers , GPS Warehouse , U.K. tell me that Garmin are unable to supply till mid to late October. Any idea if the product is actually available or is it vaporware.

Ken in Regina
It's available. It can be purchased from Garmin, from GPSCentral, from GPSCity and lots of other suppliers. There are two versions. There is a version that comes with a Garmin GPS20 receiver for those who do not already have a receiver. And there is a software-only version for those who have a receiver and only want the maps and nav software.

The reviews and discussion you can read in this forum are mainly from real experiences with the released consumer product.

Unfortunately for those outside North America it is currently a North America-only product.

Marvin Hlavac
...unless you buy Garmin Mobile PC that includes North American map data, and add to it UK map data yourself. But it may or may not be easy (or possible), so before you spend any money, please do read what has been written on this forum about adding maps to Garmin Mobile PC. Ken and Terry and others have written quite a bit of great information on the topic.

...and welcome to Laptop GPS World, RobC!
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