Low fuel prices search in Microsoft Streets and Trips
Obi-Wan Kenobi
I understand there is a feature with Streets & Trips that searches for the lowest fuel prices on line during travel provided of course you have internet connection. Has anyone tried this feature to know how it is working out. With my 150us gal fuel tank, it pays to search out the cheap fuel. I have a Tom Tom and it has that feature for an additional $20 per year, but I prefer to use S&T.

I appreciate any comments you may have.
Marvin Hlavac
Dave, the search for low fuel prices was a feature available in Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008 with Connected Services, a special edition which was available only in the 2008 version. It required a special MSN Direct FM receiver which accommodated the receiving of the fuel prices data and traffic conditions data. In addition to fuel prices, the software was able to show you traffic flow conditions on highways. (Color coded: Red = slow, etc.) It also displayed detailed information about traffic incidents.

The "Connected Services" edition of Streets & Trips was discontinued. My guess is that not too many people bought it because, if I recall correctly, the price was around $150.
Now I would buy all those features if it worked with the GPS connection. Would not even bat an eye at a $150 price tag for that.
Marvin Hlavac
Yeah, it did work with GPS. You could actually insert the USB GPS-360 right into the FM MSN Direct receiver. It's a pity the Connected Services edition was discontinued so quickly.
I use Centrafuse, which is a front-end software to run other software/plugins with a touchscreen (works with a mouse or touchpad, as well).

There's a plugin available for it, called CFFuelPrices, which uses your internet connection to get the fuel prices. You can look for prices on specific types of fuel (Unleaded, Plus, Supreme or Diesel) in the US, UK, France or Germany. You can look closest to you, based on the GPS location, or in a specific location.


For more info on this specific plugin, see this link:
CFFuelPrices - Status : Update 12/06/10 - Centrafuse Auto - Connected Car Apps User Community

This plugin is free (he does take donations) and runs on the latest version of Centrafuse.

I've never tried this plugin, so I don't know exactly what all locations it pulls data for, such as truckstops or whatever. I can, however, load it up and give it a test drive if anyone wants me to check on it.
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