No turn by turn directions unless using spacebar in MS Streets & Trips
I am using Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009 with the supplied Pharos GPS 500. I am also using a Bluetooth dongle with a Gateway netbook LT3103u. Everything was working fine up to now, but when I turn on the GPS I do not get turn by turn directions unless I hit the space bar to repeat the direction. I checked the com ports and the system device driver, and all is well. I think the pharos may be interfering with the software or maybe on its last legs.

Any suggestions will be very helpful and appreciated.
Marvin Hlavac
Boomer, you have no software, nor hardware, issue at all. Your Streets & Trips is in mute mode, that's all. Next time you are on the road, set up your Streets & Trips for navigation to some destination, and then (and only then) hit the F7-key to un-mute.

Here's is the issue discussed in another thread some three years ago: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/482-voice-prompts-issue-microsoft-streets-trips
Thanks MR Hlavac, I was at my wits end. There is no documentation of this function anywhere sneaky devils.
To the contrary, Streets & Trips has comprehensive documentation in the Help file on available functions. Press F1 to open the Help file.

The mute feature is documented in the "Full screen navigation" help topic, in the "Navigation" section.

Turn voice instructions off and on

To turn voice instructions off
  • On the Tools menu, click Full screen navigation view, and then click Mute [Icon], or press F7.
To turn voice instructions on
  • On the Tools menu, click Full screen navigation view, and then click Mute , or press F7.
The problem, of course, is that it's not useful for troubleshooting. You wouldn't know what to look for -- unless you already knew what the problem was.

And the actual troubleshooting steps in the S&T Help file make no mention of this. If you search for "Sound" in the S&T help file, you get a bunch of troubleshooting steps about speakers and Windows volume control -- but nothing about muted instructions in S&T.
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