Need Advice on downloading of AGPS data
Hi All,

I am in a fix at the moment, my department has multiple tracking devices in use at the moment but due to slow startup in getting a fix on the position. further to that that my tracking devices do not have an internet connection, it only has a direct access to my local network for position reporting. Thus i am unable to download AGPS data directly to the device for faster startup and fix.

I am thinking of downloading the AGPS data to my laptop and then manually broadcasting the data to my devices for faster startup.

Broadcasting part should not be a problem but as I am new to this AGPS thingy, any advice on how I can first of all get hold of this data to my laptop in the first place, and how I can use it?

Thanks for any guru's reply and may you have a nice day.
Hi Iceman188,

How slow is slow?
There could be a few reasons why your TTFF (time to first fix) is slow on your existing tracking devices. With the current GPS chipsets these days (SiRF Star III, uBlox etc) the delay is pretty insignificant - a few seconds to 30 seconds on a cold start..

If you have an older GPS than you might be wasting time using AGPS in attempts to make it perform like a current model.

Can your department spare $35 to spring for a new GPS receiver? Good things have been said about the GlobalSat BU-353. About