Please recomend free GPS software for basic navigation on a Windows laptop
Hi all. I'm new to laptop gps and need some advice. I just purchased a Globalsat BU-353 USB GPS receiver. I will be using it on my laptop running WinXP. I only want to use it for basic navigation, as you would with a standard GPS with an LCD. Could someone please recommend a free software solution for me? Thanks in advance!
My GPS navigation program is a work in progress and it has many 'rough edges'. You can try it as is. It's quite intuitive if you have used handheld GPS devices.

The tape compass shows course over ground; not the direction you're facing. When a waypoint is active, steer towards the red arrow on the compass. On the NAV screen, crosstrack error is the scale below the compass. The X Nav button cancels Navigation.

Note waypoints need to be specified in decimal degrees. I need to eventually add the capability to handle routes .. the waypoint database is a Tab delimited text file. The waypoint system needs lots of work.

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It would be helpful to know what you intend to use it for... Car navigation, marine navigation, geocacheing, etc... It would make a difference as to our recommendations... Also, search this forum... There are lots of threads on free nav programs... The next step is getting free maps... That can be accomplished, also... About