Microsoft Streets & Trips unable to open a map saved in much earlier version
We have a map of our dealers that we use that was last saved using Streets & Trips 2005, but I believe was originally created in an earlier version. I am not able to open it in Streets & Trips 2011, but I am able to open a brand new map created with ST2005. Below you will find the error. I am wondering if there is a way to convert the old map?

This file was created with an older version of the map which is no longer supported. Please consult the help documentation for further details.
Thanks in advance.
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Hello mstoffel,

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Unfortunately, ST 2005 files can not be directly opened in ST2011. Do you have access to a more recent version of S&T (besides 2011)? You will need to open the ST05 file in another version say 2009 then save it in 2009 format - then open the 2009 file in 2011.

If you do not have access to any previous versions to make this work you can buy one cheap from eBay or email me the file and I'd be happy to do the 2-step conversion for you.

Larry (streetsandtrips [at] hotmail [.] com)
I sent the email, thank you very much!
Marvin Hlavac
The following method should work, too (if you just want to transfer pushpins to the new version):

1. On the PC where the old version of S&T is, install the new version, but do NOT uninstall the old. The installation of the new product will let you KEEP the old version on the computer.

2. Open your old file in the old version

3. Open a new map in the new version

4. In the old, go to Legend & Overview pane, then right-click the desired pushpin set, and select Copy

5. Go to the new version of S&T, and on the main menu click Edit > Paste (or just use the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut)
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