I lost my product key for Microsoft Streets & Trips. What can I do?
Hi. I am new to this forum and have a question. I have been using Streets & Trips for many years. I have a legal paid for 2009 version. Works great for trip planning. I just bought a new laptop. Loaded my S&T, but now it is asking for the product key. I lost it a year ago!!! Tried a whole bunch of programs that are supposed to find the key, but no luck.

I will be buying 2011 in a few months, but would like to use the old version right now.

Any help appreciated.

The 2009 version doesn't ask for a product key. The first version that asked for one was 2010.
Hmm, I thought the changeover was 2007 to 2008.

Originally Posted by tcassidy
Hmm, I thought the changeover was 2007 to 2008.

I have (had until I threw it out) a 2008 disk for which I also lost the key (discarded the package which had the key on it).
malaki: It is definetly asking for a key and is version 2009!!
The copy I bought at Best Buy did not include a product key, nor has it EVER asked me to enter one upon installation.

Wait - mine's 2008 - sorry about that

2009 was the 1st year for it

Maybe contact Microsoft?
Marvin Hlavac
Version 2008 was the first one to introduce software activation: What's new in Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008
If your going to buy 2011 within the next 60 days, you can download it now and use it without a product key until the 60 day trial expires.

Marvin Hlavac
Moisheh, a few years back, there was a discussion here on the forum on this very topic. There are some programs designed to retrieve product keys, but they seemed not to work with Microsoft Streets and Trips. The only suggestion that I see on page one of the discussion that may make sense for some people in certain situations, is Terry's suggestion to clone a hard drive. I didn't read the remaining couple of pages to see if there was further information that could help you, but here's the link:

I used this program to get a detailed profile of installed software and hardware in a PC.

It should give you the keys from your system. As well any profiles the manufacturer didn't.

Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit
Thanks but that program and at least 4 others I tried do not work.
Do yourself a favor and spring for the newest version now rather than later. The maps are newer (isn't that why you buy a mapping program?) The ability to use the POI MegaFile alone is worth the cost.
Thanks GeeksOnTour. I am waiting for it to appear on store shelves. I don't want to download it as my internet connection for the next 2 months is "iffy"
I paid and downloaded Streets and Trips 2011 on or about MAR 06 2011.

My PC crashed - all gone.

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