Backroad GPS Maps details missing in Garmin Mobile PC
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Hi, I am new to this site, lots of useful info. I purchased Garmin Mobile PC with the GPS antenna, downloaded Mapsource, bought Backroad Mapbooks GPS Maps DVD and unlock code, and transferred it into Mobile PC. I also have handheld Garmin GPS with Backroads map installed, I am familiar how to use it, my question is, the trails on the Mobile PC is not as clear (not complete) as compared to Mapsource or Basecamp or even my handheld unit. Is this normal, or am I missing something,

Example, trails around Rhododendron Lake is not shown on Garmin Mobile PC, and clearly shown on all other programs or devices (using Backroads map ).

Thanks, Eric.
I don't think you are missing any settings. I checked that location and the unclassified roads do not show up the same in Mobile PC as in MapSource. You would need Topo Canada 4 to show most of the roads in that area in Mobile PC

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van island
Thanks for the reply. When I saw the lack of detail, I was very disappointed. I did some more research on this great site and found I could download nRoute for free, seems like a better program anyway. Also I found out I can export GPS info to Mapsource, which is also a cool program. Thanks again, I can't wait to use it off-road.

Ken in Regina
Backroad Mapbooks GPS maps and Garmin's Topo Canada have the same problems on Garmin's Mobile PC and all of their Nuvi models. The problem is the way Garmin chooses to display the various objects on their products that are mainly designed to display "road" maps. Garmin expects their handhelds to be used for "offroad" stuff so they set them up to display topo maps much better.

The older display technology in nRoute is superior for displaying that sort of thing for navigation. Mapsource and Basecamp will display most anything quite nicely and are great for planning but don't have navigation features.

If you set up your handheld to record tracks, it's fun to review them in Mapsource or Basecamp after the trip.

van island
Hi Ken, I do transfer all data to Basecamp and Mapsourse, works great. I also transfer all tracks to Google Earth. (Even clearer.)
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