How to save toolbar settings in Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010?
I'm running Windows XP Pro. Is there a way to save toolbar settings and placement? I've tried saving the setting in the default North America map and in files I am using, but when I restart the application from either files all are in their default positions.
what settings are you specifically looking to save/make default?
Standard, Advanced, Location and Scale all docked to the top bar. Drawing docked to the bottom.
Hi Z2400,

I'm still not seeing what you are seeing.

Toolbar docking settings are stored in the user's registry and not in the .est files themselves. I was able to show my drawing toolbar then drag it down to dock at the bottom of the window. When I closed and reopened S&T it remained at the bottom. When I opened other saved maps the drawing toolbar was still at the bottom.

I tried this in both 2010 and 2011. Which version are you running?
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