How to import tracks to Garmin nRoute?
van island
Hi all. Does anyone know how to import tracks into nRoute from Basecamp, tracks I made with Oregon 450 previous to getting my laptop tracking software going.

Also, is there a way of drawing new track on nRoute, like feature on Basecamp, Google Earth and Mapsource.

Thanks Eric
Ken in Regina
I just did a clean install of Windows 7 on my computer so I don't have all my navigation stuff reinstalled yet, including nRoute.

I'm pretty sure you can't draw tracks in nRoute. But if we can help you figure out how to get tracks into it, you won't need to. Just draw them in Basecamp or Mapsource and load them into nRoute.

nRoute will import .GDB files. The issue with this is that nRoute will only import version 2 .GDB files and Basecamp will only export version 3 .GDB files.

Mapsource will export version 2 .GDB files and it will let you draw tracks. So to do hand drawn tracks you can draw the tracks in Mapsource, save the file as a version 2 .GDB file and import that file into nRoute.

You can also load any track files you already have into Mapsource and then save them into version 2 .GDB files for nRoute. If you have the tracks in .GPX files you can just open them in Mapsource, save them as version 2 .GDB files and import them in nRoute.

If the existing tracks are only in Basecamp you can copy and paste the tracks into Mapsource, save as version 2 .GDB files and import into nRoute.

In Basecamp, select the names of the tracks you want to transfer, copy them, switch to Mapsource, right-click in the Tracks tab and paste them.

I hope that helps. The only thing I can't check, and can't remember, is if nRoute will work with tracks. I'm not even sure if I can install and/or run nRoute in the 64-bit version of Windows 7. It's a pretty old program.

Ken in Regina
Oh phooey, it's even easier than that!!! Just load and/or draw whatever tracks you want in Basecamp, select the names of the tracks, right-click and Copy. Switch to nRoute, select the Tracks tab, right-click and Paste. It's done. Sorry for the other silliness.

By the way, nRoute does install and run just fine in Windows 7 64-bit. As soon as I saw the Tracks tab in nRoute I tried the Copy/Paste and it works slick as can be.

Ken in Regina
Here's a version 2 .GDB track of a trip from Port Hardy to Cape Scott for you to try in nRoute. It was a fun and interesting drive. We made a stop at Ronning's Garden along the way. That was a really educational experience.

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I did a similar trip in 1981 but didn't have a GPS at the time!!

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