How to add destination by GPS coordinates in Microsoft Streets & Trips
Is there a way to enter GPS coordinates in the address window in order to put a push-pin on the map?
Yes - Ctrl+f to open the Find dialog.
Go to the 'Lat/Long' tab and enter the coordinates there.

Note: in 2010 and 2011 you can copy the lat/long coordinates of your mouse location to your clipboard by pressing Ctrl+Alt+c

Here is a video on this topic: YouTube - Streets & Trips | Searching Using Latitude and Longitude
I discovered by trial and error that coordinate entry should use degrees, minutes, and seconds, or degrees and decimals of degrees. Streets & Trips doesn't seem to like degrees, minutes, and then decimals of degrees. I found that you do not have to enter any symbols. Using a space between the degrees, minutes, and seconds works great. Many of the locations of sights I found on the internet seem to give them something like 53 degrees, 14.88 minutes. In this example I either had to compute the 14.88 as a decimal of a degree, or compute the .88 minutes as a number of seconds. I chose to compute .88*60, and then enter the location as 53 14 52.8. I hope this helps.

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