How many computer installs allowed per MS Streets & Trips license?
Does Streets and Trips 2011 allow the application to be loaded to more than 1 machine per a single application purchase? I do my trip planning on a desk top where I have a large display, but while traveling use a laptop with a smaller display. Naturally, I want to purchase a single copy of S&T 2011 but load it on both machines. Will Microsoft allow me to do so?
Hi Theo99,

YES. Yours is a very common usage scenario which is permitted in the Microsoft software license terms (formally known as the 'EULA'). You can read all the details by viewing Help -->About dialog and clicking on "Microsoft software license terms..." button.
Thank you for the information. I purchased Streets & Trips 2011 and am loading it on both my desk top and laptop. I have found some nice features that have been added since the 2008 version I was using.
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