Software activation starts each time Microsoft Streets & Trips launched
I have tried to activate my new Microsoft Streets and Trips three times, Twice I have entered the activation number and it says activation was successful, but when I try to start the program again it asks me to activate it again. I even tried it by phone, but got the same results. Can someone help me.
Try running the program as an administrator. That's what I finally had to do. I am running Windows 7 64 bit.
Did that, still does the same thing. Seems to install fine. When I start the program, it asks me to activate it. I put the activation key in and it says activation is successful. The program does not launch from there. So I go to the Start menu again and start it up again and it asks for the activation key again. The program never runs even though I put the activation code in and it seems to verify it via the internet. what am I doing wrong. I have Windows 7, 32 bit on a netbook. Streets and Trips 2010 runs fine.
Go to the programs (x86) folder. Find streets & trips 2011, open it and find the streets.exe file, right click and select run as administrator.
If that solves your problem, go back to that same .exe file and right click it again and select create a shortcut. Run the program from that shortcut in the future.
Ken in Regina
Instead of running it from the Start menu, try using My Computer to run the Streets.exe file directly from the Program Files folder (it might be under Program Files x86). I can't point you at the exact folder because I just did a clean install of Win7 x64 and haven't got all my navigation apps reinstalled yet. You can just search for "streets.exe" in the search box in the Start menu.

Okay, I just discovered that the minimum requirements to run Streets & Trips 2011 on Windows 7 is 2GB RAM. My netbook only has 1GB. It ran S&T 2010 okay, so I thought it would be no problem, but I guess not. Thanks for your advice. I have removed it from my Netbook and loaded in onto my wife's laptop with Windows 7 64 bit and it works fine.
It should run on your netbook with 1g memory. That would certainly not prevent it from starting!

Often, the icon created on the desktop is the problem. As others have stated, track down the file 'Streets.exe' in the Streets&Trips 2011 folder in program files and start the program from there.

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