Microsoft AutoRoute & Canmore GT-730F error: Need GPS NMEA 2.0
Hey all, I am having issues, I bought Autoroute 2010, but I seem to be getting this error, need GPS NMEA2.0, now I am extremely new to this and I have just bought a Canmore GT-730F, should I get something different?
Mark - the Canmore GT-730F will work fine with S&T or AR but you do need to set the bit/baud rate to 4800. You'll need to check the owners manual to see how that is done.
If you can't change the baud rate of the GPS you need to use Franson GPSGate - pay (which is what I use) or Xport - free (which I have never tried) to convert the output from the GPS to 4800.
Marvin Hlavac
Just to add to the above suggestion of using Franson GpsGate as a Baud rate convertor: GpsGate, the basic version, is now completely free.
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