GPSGate intermediary for an add-on specific to Garmin hardware
william wixon
I just did a brief search for posts, didn't get any hits. Wondering if anyone could hazard a guess. Thinking about downloading an (app?, not sure what to call it, a "program") from www.roadsideamerica.com, "Attractions and Oddities", stuff along the way you might want to stop and see. I'm thinking/hoping this add-on might make a coming trip that much more enjoyable.

Garmin GPS - RoadsideAmerica.com Attractions and Oddities

Though, at their website it says specifically their program only works with Garmin hardware. Ken told me about GPSGate and that MAYBE it might act as an intermediary between Roadsideamerica's program and my laptop GPS Microsoft Streets and Trips.

Any ideas? Suggestions? Prior experience?

Ken in Regina

I just took a look at that link (you didn't provide it before). It won't do what you want. It is a set of map and POI (points of interest) data that only loads onto Garmin portable navigation devices like Nuvi and Zumo, etc. These are the TomTom-style car navigation units. You would only be able to use this by buying a cheap Nuvi model and loading it onto it.

It might work on your laptop if you had Garmin's Mobile PC but the last version of Mobile PC that Garmin released was a little flakey and they no longer sell or support it so I can't recommend it.

But have fun with the free version of GPSGate and your 12CX with Streets&Trips.

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