Which mapping & navigation PC software for a pilot escort for oversize loads?
I'm a pilot escort for oversize loads and travel cross country. I have to find a laptop program with CURRENT maps that I can program and save my route and stay on specific route.

I loved the Copilot 9, it had everything I wanted, exit numbers, scale houses, etc, but the maps are very out of date, and it didn't have a lot of secondary roads. I had Garmin laptop, but was a pain to keep updated, and it always wanted to reroute me. My friends that have Streets and Trips have had a lot of problems and deviation. I bought Copilot 11 and hate it. My driver bought Copilot truck v8 laptop, and it doesn't have any exit numbers and maps aren't up to date. Some of the people I work with run Delorme laptop, but complain if they miss one street they have to restart programing from the beginning.

I've got over 1000.00 in laptop programs, I updated my PC to Windows 7. My dream program would be: current maps easy to program and save, stay on specific route, scale houses would be great, truck stops and rest areas, exit numbers and secondary streets. Anyone know of such an animal?
CoPilot v8 Truck has exit numbers on it, as well as scale houses, truck fuel, truck service, etc. The standard version of CoPilot doesn't have these items. Also, I've only ran into a couple of instances where the roads weren't up to date, but they were all recently opened stretches of highway.

I've been running it since pretty much day one of it's release and I'm VERY happy with it. About