Problem Installing Streets And Trips 2011, Corrupt Files
Hi, I am new to all this for the most part and am having problems with the demo version install. It downloads fully, but when I try to install it gives me a corrupt file warning and stops. I have tried this a few times from the MS site, and it always ends up the same. For my software, I am utilizing the infamous Windows Vista and using Firefox. Additionally, and with just this computer I have had a lot of trouble getting Windows to open ports, allow my wireless router access repeatedly and blocking downloads randomly. Yea , I truly hate Vista I haven't had any problems like this with other downloads though files being corrupt though, any ideas???

I can say I have a Vista laptop and have downloaded and installed the S&T 2011 trial with no issues. I have no problems using it with my router, wireless or wired. The only difference from your operation is I used IE8. Vista is a stable o/s now even if there were problems when it was first released. I think you have other issues you need to address.

Hey Driz,

Sorry you are having issues with the download. It sounds like it may not have completely downloaded to your local machine. The download will take a fare bit of time even with a broadband connection. Right-click on the ST2011.exe and view properties. What is the file size? It should be around 1.22GB in size.

I would try deleting the file and re-downloading.
Thanks a lot. You were absolutely right. The thing that was doing it was the screensaver shutoff kicking in. All I had to do was shut it down for continuous operation and in it went.
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