Activating Microsoft AutoRoute 2010
Mr Earl
I'm a newbie here, just found this site while searching for a solution to this problem.

I bought a copy of MS AutoRoute 2010 from Amazon, and installed it tonight. The online activation failed, over and over again. No problem with my internet connection using either Explorer or Firefox.

When I opted to do telephone activation, I found that no US phone number appears in the list provided in AutoRoute. When I called MS support, they said AutoRoute couldn't be activated in the US, as it "is meant for the European market."

Why the online activation fails is a mystery. I've read that a change in hardware will cause it, and I did replace the HDD and wifi mini-pci card - but AutoRoute had not been installed prior to the hardware changes.

I'm leaving for London on May 27, and will be driving through France, N. Italy, Austria, and S. Germany. Getting nervous...

Can anyone suggest a possible remedy?
Sounds like an administrative issue to me. I would try running it in administrative mode and seeing if it will activate. Normally, you would right click on the A/R icon and select 'run as administrator' but sometimes that icon is not a direct link to the executable and won't provide the option.

If that is the case, you need to find the executable in the autoroute folder in program files and start it from there. I know it is called streets.exe for S&T but don't know its name for autoroute.

Mr Earl
Thanks for your post.

The OS is XP-Home SP3, and I was logged in as administrator for these attempts to activate. After reading your post, I right-clicked on the AR-2010 shortcut and selected "Run as...", which offered two choices: run as another user, and Current User with a check(ed) box that says "Protect my computer and data from unauthorized activity." I unchecked that box, reasoning that some perhaps some unauthorized activity was necessary for activation. Voila! Online activation successful!
Great problem solving!
That is a very interesting solution. I had assumed you were running Win 7 so your findings present another possible solution to an ongoing situation.

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