Streets & Trips 2011 vs Streets & Trips 2007
I have been using Streets & Trips since about 2005. My latest version was 2007. I have been very happy with it. When later versions came out I heard some discouraging words about them such as the fact that the eliminated many pushpins, etc.

Now, I have just installed Windows 7 and am reinstalling all my applications and I can't find my Streets & Trips 2007 disk. So, the question is: Do I find and buy a copy of 2007 ($10) or go for a copy of Streets & Trips 2011 ($30)?
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Alweiss, a lot has changed since version 2007 released in October of 2006. Click the auto-generated "2007" link in your post, and scroll up from there to read what has improved in all the versions since then.
I have read these descriptions before but what I'm looking for now are some subjective responses from people who have had experience with both of these.
The person who knows the most about your likes /dislikes of either product is you. Why not download the free trial of Streets & Trips 2011 and decide for yourself.

Marvin Hlavac
Perhaps the only "positive" of your 2007 is that it doesn't have the software activation built-in like all the versions that came after that version do. I personally have not experienced issues with activation, but some users have.
In my opinion the most useful new feature between 07 and 11 is the ability to right click and drag and then left click to zoom. Much easier than having to click button to toggle between zoom and pan modes.
Problem solved. Although I still couldn't find my S&T 2007 disk, for some reason I had copied it to my hard drive. As I was transferring data files to the new operating system, there it was. So I was able to reinstall it and am happy with it. Thanks for the various input.
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