PC software and maps for Turkey?
Hi everyone,

I am simply looking for a software and maps for laptop (HP Mini), but so far I found nothing.

First off I was hesitating to buy a Garmin, but the society told me they don't have good coverage for that country, I made a test on PC, some parts are missing.

I looked for Magellan 300, but I don't know. It seems that some have issues just connecting it with a PC.

So far the best detailed map is Google map, but it requires connection and I'd like an off line map to work on PC, I looked for Navteck, Bing, Yahoo map..., really anything, everything, only Google map is accurate and shows hidden roads and so on.

Also if you could recommand a good and cheap gps receiver I would be thankful .

Any suggestions for that, please ?

Thank you for any help.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Von, welcome to the forum. I's suggest to look into the possibility of using either Garmin Mobile PC or Garmin nRoute. Garmin has discontinued supporting these products, but they are still available. You could use them ion conjunction with compatible maps for Turkey.

More information can be found also in our Garmin Mobile PC forum
Ken in Regina
Hello Von,

You do not need a connection to use Google's maps. Install Google Earth, then in Google Earth you must browse the maps in the areas you have interest and at the detail you want. Then disconnect your computer and run Google Earth again. You will see that the maps you have browsed are still available in Google Earth's disk cache without a connection.

You can do live navigation with Google Earth and a GPS receiver if you use a "helper" program like Earthbridge or GooPS.

Thank you very much for your answers.

I asked Garmin lately and they don't have a good coverage for Turkey or they are not detailed for Garmin GPS so unless there is a good map for the PC software please let me know.

I would possibly take " unknown " road that only Google maps seems to show.

Concerning Google Earth I should have connection in the first place but there isn't any connections where I am going unfortunately.

I guess I am back to square one. :/

Thank you again
Marvin Hlavac
Re: Garmin maps. For various parts of the world, even those currently not covered by Garmin, you may still be able to find 3rd party Garmin-compatible maps.
Ken in Regina

You do not need connections where you are going. You can browse the area(s) of travel in advance. The map data will remain in the Google Earth disk cache until you browse so much more that it is forced out. The disk cache will hold 2GB. That will allow you to store a lot of map details.

Please try it. It is free to download and use. You can browse some areas onto your laptop and then do not look at them again for two or three days. Then take the laptop where you have no connection and see that you can still browse those areas again.

Also, as Marvin said, if you wish to try a Garmin program like nRoute or a Garmin navigation device, use your search engine to look for "garmin compatible map turkey". You might find good maps available for Garmin programs and devices from third-party sources.

Good luck.

I spent 2 months last year driving in Turkey from Greek border, along Med coast to Syria, north to Black Sea and back along coast to Istanbul.

I used Garmin nRoute and compatible maps I found on Internet.

It's 0015 here in Nice, France so I'm off to bed so I can't write out all the details now.

Send me a personal message with your email address and I will let you know what I used and some of the issues with roads like road on map that turned into track that turned into goat path with huge drops into sea and all the while map insisted it was a main road class road.

Andrew Watson
In Nice, France for 4 days
Here are a couple places to look for free Garmin maps:

OSM Map On Garmin/Download - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Search free Garmin® maps by location

Garmin claims to have detailed City Navigator coverage of Turkey

You can look at the map here (if you haven't already done so):

City Navigator Europe NT 2012.10
Thank you Boyd.

I took a look on City Navigator Europe NT 2012.10 and the OpenStreetMap based map and none of them show "secondary roads"

I think I found something with Magellan GPS.

It seems that Garmin doesn't have anything enough for Turkey. I actually contact them, and they told me Turkey is not very well covered or I find nothing really.

The link Search free Garmin® maps by location leads to a Google map, I am not sure to know how I should use it.
To use the GPSmapsearch website, drag the map until Turkey is in the middle of the window and zoom in a bit, then click once with the left mouse button. You should then see a list of all available free maps on the right side of the screen.

For each map there is a link that says "show on map". Click that and it will draw a rectangle around the area that the map covers. You can then download the map and install. Looks like there are 4 maps available. You will need a Garmin GPS or Garmin software on your PC to use the maps though, so maybe this isn't a good option. Also, these maps won't be able to calculate routes and give you directions. They will just show your position on the screen.
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