Unable to connect i-Blue GM-2 USB GPS to BlueChart Atlantic Mapsource software
Hello. I have recently purchased the i-Blue GM-2 wired GPS by Transystem inc., and I cannot connect it to the BlueChart Atlantic V9.5 Mapsource software. I'm a new member of the forum and still a newbie. I'd like to inform you that I've already changed the baut rate to 9600, 19200, 38400 and still nothing at all. Mapsource cannot find the GPS device.

Thanks in advance.
How are you viewing the maps? MapSource has not been able to use a GPS since version 6.5. If you are using nRoute, it only works with Garmin proprietary signals. If you download GPS Gate and have it find your iBlue, it will provide the signal you need for nRoute on a COM port.

Also, make sure you have closed the program that you use to set up the iBlue. If it is running and accessing the GPS, then the signal is not available for MapSource or GPS Gate.

Ken in Regina
As Terry said, Mapsource is not a navigation program and has not been for a few years. So unless you have a very old version it will not try to use any GPS receiver.

So I have to install Gpsgate + Mapsource + nRoute? And I'll be OK? I want to use it for sailing, calculate speed, plot my sailing trip and stuff like that.Thank you.
Ken in Regina
That is correct.

Mapsource does not do navigation. nRoute does. But maps must be installed in Mapsource for nRoute to see them.

nRoute will only use GPS data in the Garmin protocol, not in the NMEA standard protocol that the i-Blue and most other receivers deliver. GPSGate will accept the NMEA data input and will produce one virtual COM port with Garmin protocol output for nRoute to use.

There are many discussions here about GPSGate and nRoute.

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