GPS receiver compatible with Google Earth?
The GPS section of Google Earth shows that Garmin, Magellan and a Wintec device are compatibles, but are there other USB GPS receivers compatible with Google Earth?

Are Globalsat GPS compatible?

Thank you in advance.

Ken in Regina
Yes. Many people are using the BU353 with it. Any GPS receiver that will output standard NMEA data will work.

You may find it easier to get the navigation features of Google Earth working if you use a "helper" program like GooPS or Earthbridge.

...ken ...
I use the Microsoft USB GPS that you can get real cheap, about $20. It works just fine!
You might look at the i-Blue GM-2 receiver. I believe Amazon has it sale for $32.00. Good write up here on this site.

Amazon no longer has it in stock. You may get it at Semsons.com for $32.99
Thank you everyone.
Google Earth works with most NMEA GPSs with a Python script that's on the net.
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