Gps Gate won't recognize RS-232 USB data from Magellan
Felicity Free
I have a laptop with Gpsgate loaded RS232-USB device connecting a Magellan NMEA output @4800 baud. The com port is set to 5 @4800. Gpsgate is set to com 5 @4800. Gps Gate says the port is running. But not connecting to the GPS. Say it doesn't recognize the data.

Tried lots of things, but I don't seem to be getting anywhere.

Interesting thing is the GPS works well on my desktop attached directly to com 1 into Gpsgate. I am using Garmin mapping software. Again it works fine on the desktop. Using NMEA-Garmin emulation.

Am I missing something regarding the connection of the RS232-USB setting.

Any help would be appreciated.
The COM port the adapter uses is determined by its software driver. I assume you checked Device Manager to come up with the COM 5 designation. Changing the speed settings in Device Manager is not necessary as it does not affect the output of the GPS in any way. Regardless of what you set, the output will be the same as the GPS is doing.

GPS Gate does not require you to specify the speed, only the COM port. If the Magellan does output 4800bps, GPS Gate wizard should find it providing the USB-serial converter you are using works properly.

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