Error when trying to open Streets & Trips 2009 file in version 2011
I installed Streets & Trips 2011 today, and received double error message when trying to open 2009 S&T files. Can 2009 files be converted to GPX to solve issue.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Tree,

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What do the error messages say?

The 2009 version does not have the ability to export to GPX. You would have to look for a 3rd-party tool capable of converting a saved Streets & Trips file into GPX. (Version 2010, and later, are able to import and export GPX files.)

What exactly does your v.2009 file contain? If it's pushpins, drawings, etc, you may be able to copy/paste them easily from one version to another. Simply open both, 2009 and 2011, and then select the item(s) in v.2009, and copy them by using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+C, then go to version 2011 to paste (Ctrl+V).
The issue I was having was being able to use my existing 2009 map with 2011 Streets and Trips. I solved my problem by sending my 2009 file to a college that could import into 2010 and then I was able to use my 2010 file in 2011. Microsoft support swore up and down it was a corrupt file. With the power & size of Microsoft, it would be nice if they produced a better product for the business world.
S&T 2011 should be able to read files back to 2007. For some users, the conversion of older files with 2011 is not an issue. Others have had problems even using 2010 created ones. It is not clear yet what is causing this.

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