Autoroute Europe 2011 Release Date
Any news yet on the release date for Autoroute Europe 2011?
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Ralm,

Welcome to the forum.

I haven't heard any ETA yet. But when it does come out, I will be very curious to see if the street-level map coverage expands to include more of Europe, and if the new version is capable to search addresses in countries it wasn't able to in earlier versions.

I think we can be quite certain no much in the way of new functionality will be added in AR2011, since there was very little new this year in the North American product Streets & Trips 2011 (read here).
Many thanks Marvin. That was quick! I might just as well buy AR2010. I can get all the addresses I need in that. Regards RM
It's here, well I think I'm right this time.

AutoRoute 2011 - Buy and download from Microsoft Store UK

Be interesting to see if it's the same software as S&T with no tweaks?
Marvin Hlavac
Thanks for the link, GerardJanice. It seems to me like mostly just a map update: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2709-review-microsoft-autoroute
Thanks. It's not available to buy in France yet and I keep being redirected from the UK site. I am very happy with AR 2010 however as it has the new A65 motorway which is close to us, though it lacks the exit near Pau-Pyrenees airport. I will load the trial version of AR2011 when I can get it to see if it is worth shelling out on it.
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