Truck, RV, Large-Vehicle Routing - 'S&T Team' is Asking for Your Feedback
Marvin Hlavac
From April 24, 2008 'S&T Team' blog entry:

Although, I *totally* understand the importance of large vehicle tracking and the special needs they have (weight restrictions, high restrictions, etc) the data implementation is something we're still investigating.

Drivers do need to use common sense and not rely on software for everything. Many similar stories like this have been published with navigation solutions that don't provide height restrictions - it would be scary to think how many drivers would find themselves in a crunch if S&T provided this data. We would obviously need to find a reliable source (one of the big hurdles) and we would have to trust the data's accuracy without having the ability to test it. What if we only had 50% coverage for height restrictions? How would the driver know if the data is missing or if no height restriction is in the database for that route? Good discussion questions. Any truckers out there? What do you currently use to learn of ht/wt restrictions?
Professional truck operators, RV, Motor-Home, large-vehicle drivers, please leave your comment.

If Microsoft doesn't know the demand is there, they will never consider adding large-vehicle routing into MS Streets and Trips, MS AutoRoute, or MS MapPoint.

The needed data for truck-routing is now available from Navteq (and also TeleAtlas).

If data is not available for a particular geographical area, the particular road segment could be colored differently, and drivers could be notified by voice (and by an on-screen warning), that they are entering area with limited data coverage.

Here again is the link where you may leave your comments: GPS routed bus under bridge – too bad the bus didn’t fit
I am a truck driver with over 40 years driving experience.
I guess I'm called old-school. with CB radio in hand not much luck with that these days. GPS routing is nice but the data is sometimes questionable
you might have a route with a 13 six Bridge on it with a load that measures 13 five. But the road was repay what blacktop and added another 3 inches which lowers the bridge height. And our government drops the ball on reporting this
so our software engineers that make the mapping programs using incorrect information. I even seen signs on the bridge and correct measurements.
I don't know if it's laziness being cheap or don't care. Driver beware common sense is your best judgment.
I have a problem with oversized routing especially with multiple states.
State highways matching state borders routes that do not match up with the rut that you are on. I understand Street and trips will help you with this matter
customized routing.
I wish we could take on oversize permit the rotting in your PC and see if all the roads connect check for bridge heights weight restrictions and so on.
This can be done but it's hard to do. So it's always lets go trucking and the driver is in some office doing your job. You're just a one is responsible for all the damages. There's a big demand for GPS software hopefully someday get it correct especially one day we will be paying road taxes and tolls from it
Looking at the date posted. . .not much response.
Even so, we still use S&T as of winter 2014 and will continue to do so for the purposes of planning.
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