Should I use Waypoints or Routes to transfer from Streets & Trips to Garmin?
I am using Microsoft Street Smarts and I have about 7 different routes with between 10 -- 15 waypoint stops each. Somehow I need to get them onto my Garmin 1450 so that on any particular day I can do one of the routes.

Should I do this through "Waypoints" or "routes". I guess "waypoints" would be fine if they are stored together in the correct location. For instance if one morning I need to do Route 1, I would click the waypoint in order that I should do them in. I can't have the order memorized.

Any clues on how to make this happen?
Hi Cansevin,

Welcome to the forum. Although I am not familiar with Microsoft Streets Smarts it sounds like a great piece of software.

After you create your route from the Data menu choose "Export to GPX file" - it will export any route, GPS trails and visible pushpins on the map. You can use this to transfer to your Garmin 1450.

More details here: http://msstreets.com/2009/09/11/how-to-send-route-points-to-your-garmin-nuvi/

If your Garmin supports routes you'll be able to load the route - if it doesn't the same steps will leave you with allthe waypoint info which is still helpful and saves you the time and effort of having to search or type in all those points on the smaller device.

Hope that helps. If not ask more questions :-)
The 1450 does support routes so if you can Export the GPX file to the Nuvi you should be able to use the routes you have created. Be sure to follow the steps outlined in the link that Larry provided as you will not be able to use the routes until you complete the "import routes from file" step on the Nuvi as described.

One other caution, the route that you have created MAY NOT be presented exactly the same on the Nuvi as it was on your computer software. This is because the Nuvi will ALWAYS recalculate the route when you do the "import from file" step, using the various 'avoids' and other setting you have on the Nuvi. This recalculation may change the Nuvi route from what you have previously created.
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