Which navigation software for Windows 7 with map of Portugal?
I've been a TomTom user for a few years, and I'm more or less happy with it, but the fact that I can't buy a map without buying maps updates for a whole year, and not wanting to go the pirate way, I decided to find an alternative.

Now I have a cheap Global Sat BT359 Bluetooth receiver, and I'm trying to find what's the best software to go with it. I'm looking for a solution for a Windows 7 netbook and/or for an old HTC 4350 phone/PDA that I don't use as a phone anymore.

Like most GPS users, I'm a terrible navigator and I love the clarity of the TomTom messages and the speed it recalculates a route when I miss a turn.

My TomTom is a ONE, so I don't need any special stuff like speed radars, traffic cameras, etc, just the go-to address, voice instructions and route auto-recalculation.

I live in Portugal and do most of my driving in Lisbon, but I really need the GPS when I'm driving outside Lisbon.

Thanks in advance.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Zxsat, and welcome to the forum. You could look into the possibility of using PC Navigator (info here), or Navmii (here). I think the software itself would satisfy your needs, just make sure the map data is of sufficient quality for Portugal, outside Lisbon.
Thank you Marvin, PC/Pocket Navigator looks to be quite nice. In the site they say the maps have 100% coverage for all the roads, so it should be OK for my needs. But I still haven't found info about the map update policy and costs.

I think that in the end I will go for a PDA solution or I would need a co-pilot to operate the software. :-)
I'm having a go at PC Navigator 10 FREE, both in the desktop and in the HTC 4350.

Both work, I guess. I had to edit the default_settings.xml file in the Windows version to configure the com port as it was getting the wrong speed, but installing and testing on the PDA was very easy.

I still have to drive around a bit just to see what it does, but at least the number of streets that I can search is appalling small (about 20 in Lisbon !!!), I'm not sure if I'm not doing something wrong.
Marvin Hlavac
That may be the limitation of the free version, which uses data by OpenStreetMap. The paid version of the product is the same software, but the map data is licensed from Teleatlas. Generally speaking, I'd expect the maps in the paid version to be of much higher quality, and supporting more features (such as address search). About