Meaning of Preferred Route Sliders In Autoroute (and Streets and Trips)
Hi Everyone

We are in Trieste, Italy.

Tomorrow we cross into Slovenia.

When we travel we try to avoid notfreeways.

Two reasons:

1. They are deadly boring and you bypass all towns, villages and scenery
2. They cost money

In Slovenia to use the motorways you have to purchase a vignette

We are only going to be in Slovenia for 2 days on our way to Zagreb in Croatia (tolls), Belgrade in Serbia (tolls) and Sophia in Bulgaria (vignette for all roads, not just freeways but because we will be there for several weeks the cost will be spread out).

The problem is I am finding it very difficult to persuade Microsoft AutoRoute to avoid freeways.

I have tried several combinations of the sliders in various positions without success.

Can someone please explain what the different settings of the sliders actually do?
  • Motorways and limited access roads
  • Other motorways
  • Arterial roads
  • Toll roads
  • Ferries
I can manually create a route but as soon as I recalculate it jumps back to the freeways!

Andrew Watson
Trieste, Italy
You have not mentioned the "Avoid Area" function but, as an experienced AutoRoute user and follower of this forum, I must assume you are aware of it.

I tried it on Slovenia and it seems to work fine for me. I created a route from Trieste to Ljubljana and the first cut was straight up the freeway. I then selected areas of the freeway route, dragged rectangles and clicked "Avoid area" selectively along the route until it no longer followed the freeway. It took a few, but it achieved the objective.

I don't think you can achieve what you want easily by messing with the sliders but I do not understand why you have not tried the above; I am sure you have a reason.
I am attaching two screenshots illustrating what I did in the post above.

In "Slow-venia," you can see a few crucially-located blocks along the Autoroute where I did Avoid areas.
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Thanks for this.

We got from Trieste to Zagreb, where we are now, without using any Slovenian autoroutes.

They really try and get you at the border in Ferrenti near Trieste.

Even though we crossed the border from an Italian surface road the crossing directs you straight towards the autoroute. You have to turn hard right as you leave the, now closed because Italy and Slovenia are both part of Schengen, border station to access the non-vignette standard road.


We are now in Croatia and my standard settings work perfectly to avoid autoroutes as they do in France and Italy:

Motorways and limited access roads - hard left
Other motorways - centre
Arterial roads - centre
Toll roads - hard left
Ferries - hard left

I suspect that it has something to do with the use of the vignette system. AR doesn't see them as toll roads even though they actually are.

It will be interesting to see how we go when we get to Austria that uses the same system.

Of course the wheels fall off the cart when we reach Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania because AR only shows autoroutes between cities.

We will have to use nRoute (yuck!) with a mix of Garmin and OSM maps.

I had hoped to be able to use the free version of PC Navigator but it just shows the splash screen and closes.

We also have TomTom built-in in our leased Renault Clio SW that now covers all Europe including Turkey. Last year's model which we took to Turkey only covered France.

I love AR for planning a cross country trip but when it comes to finding the hotel in a big city like Zagreb nothing beats TT.

We are heading for the Plitvice Lakes tomorrow. They are some of the most beautiful lakes and waterfalls in the world. I saw them in 1985.

plitvice - Google Search

Plitvice Lakes National Park - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Andrew Watson
Zagreb, Croatia
Sooo, the sliders that didn't work for you on Sunday are working fine on Wednesday or am I missing something?
Different country. Different rules about what constitutes a tollway.

In Slovenia there are no toll gates. You have to have a vignette.

In Croatia there are tollgates.

So in Slovenia AR with the Avoid tollways setting at max sees the autoroutes as "free"ways" whereas in Croatia it sees them as "pay"ways.

Andrew Watson
Plivitce Lakes, Croatia
Thanks for clearing that up, Andrew. Have you been through Switzerland? There, you have to buy a calendar-year windscreen sticker to use the autoroutes, so it may be similar to the Slovenia 'vignette' approach. I do not know how AutoRoute does in recognizing this subtlety in Switerland since (a) I always buy the sticker and (b) I don't pay too much attention to the route options sliders. It is risky business to use the autoroutes in Switzerland 'naked' as the Polizei love such easy targets.
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