Save as older version of Microsoft Streets and Trips
Is there a way to do a "Save as..." in Streets & Trips 2011 so that S&T 2010 or other previous versions of the app can read the file? I have 2011 on my laptop, 2010 on my desktop and would like to be able to edit the same file, originally create in S&T 2010, on both.

Just to clarify, with most apps (Word, Excel, etc.) you can save to an older file format. I can't ever remember seeing that option in S&T, in any earlier version. A newer version will read a file created with an older version, but it "updates" it, making it unreadable in the previous version.

It's sort of a pain,
Hi MiniTex,

There is no method of saving a map file to a previous version. I hear your pain.

Some available options include:
1. GPX: export the 2011 map data to GPX and then import the GPX file into 2010.
2. Copy and Paste: copy the pushpin sets from 2011 to a blank 2010 map file
3. Have recipient download the free 60-day trial copy of S&T 2011 so they can view the map.
I am now working with 2013. Has this changed? I would really like to save it in 2011.

Hi LeeG,

This has not changed. If you have S&T 2011 you would need to create your maps there and then they would also open in S&T 2013.
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