iGuidance navigation problems, how do I contact the developer?
Does anyone know how to contact the developers of iGuidance? I have the 2011 version, and the software has some serious navigation problems. I sent several emails to their tech support, but only got a response saying that this is what the Navteq data is telling us. Unfortunately, I have an in-car nav (a Kenwood KNA-DC3100) that uses the Navteq data (it's the 2004 version), and it navigates perfectly.

Does anyone know how can I get some of these issues resolved with them? Their tech support is just blowing me off.


BTW, the Kenwood KNA-DV3100 is my gold standard for navs. It has more capability than any PC nav on the market.
Marvin Hlavac
Steve, go to inavcorp.com and click the big "Contact" button in the top right corner of the page. If you wish, let us know more details about the navigation issue(s) you have experienced, as you may get some valuable feedback right here in the forum.
I did go to their Contact button. That's how I got tech support in the first place.

Here are their nav issues as per my tech support request:

I have Build 4.3.1. I have done some local testing on Miami Beach (where I live) and have found some routing problems. I am using the UMPC version. I should note that my car nav, a Kenwood KNA-DV3100 DVD nav (cir 2003-2004) gets the route right. The actual route (coming from Alton Rd. & 5th St to Mt. Sinai Medical Center): Alton Rd N->18th St->N Bay Rd->W 40th St->Alton Rd->Alton Rd. N->W44th St. (U turn) ->Alton Rd. S->Sullivan Dr. 1) When using Quickest Route , it tried to route me on a side street(N Bay Rd.) parallel to a main 4 lane road (Alton Rd.). Also, the turn off to the side street was impossible to do because there was a median in the way. For the above route, it is not possible (concrete median) to turn onto 18th St. from Alton Rd., and it is not allowed (no left turn) to go from W40th St. to north Alton Rd. Also, there is a turn directly from Alton Rd. to Sullivan Dr, which the program ignored. Alton Rd. is a 4 lane divided major road. Return route ( I set the routing option to Major), and was routed: Sullivan Dr.->Alton Rd ->(left )5th St.->(right) Collins Ave. I decided to see how robust the routing algorithm is, so I turned left on 16th St off Alton Rd., and headed east. The program tried to route me onto Collins Ave S, which is a two-lane road, instead of the street before (Washington Ave. S) which is a 4 lane divided road. I turned right on Washington Ave. anyway, and the program kept trying to send me down Collins Ave instead of keeping me on the 4 lane road.

Tech support told me:

For the most parts where you mentioned iGuidance is directing you to turn but it’s not possible, this area is actually controlled by the map data provided by Navteq Corporation. This is the area where we are unable to do anything about." I emailed them back that my car nav, the Kenwood KNR-DV3100 which also uses the Navteq database, gets the route right. I have not heard from them since.

I took the nav on a trip from Atlanta to the mountains, and got all sorts of squirrelly routing, much the same as above.

Further, when approaching a turn, the program consistently gets the distance wrong. For example, when approaching a right turn, when mileage is spoken (.1 mile), the distances seem correct, but when feet are spoken (500 ft, etc.) the distance is off by a factor of 10. When it speaks 800 feet, it is usually about 80 feet to the turn.


So far, because of the issues, iGuidance is not my favorite program. However, it is the only PC nav that puts the name of the current street (the street you are on) on the screen. Needless to say, I have no favorite PC nav program. I have Trips and Streets, Garmin Mobile PC, iGuidance, and Mapfactor 10, and Fugawi. None of them even come close to the capabilities of my vintage 2004 Kenwood KNA-DV3100.

These software vendors should be ashamed.

Marvin Hlavac
It is possible an error which wasn't present in 2004 Navteq database may be present now.

At one point you mentioned you tested the "Major" route setting. Avoid it! Do not use any setting other than "Quickest" (or use those other settings with extreme caution, as they may result in undesirable routing).

You have found a routing error. Be aware of it, and simply ignore iGuidance routing in that area. Each product will have some routing issues, but for the most part I'm quite happy with iG routing, at least in my geographical area.

Give it a bit more time, you may find it's actually quite a decent performer.
You are lucky that a 7 year old map has the information you need. Usually that is the problem with built in products...getting updated maps.

Your comment of showing the current street on screen is confusing. Both Mobile PC and iGuidance do that in non-navigation mode. Does the Kenwood do it in navigation mode as well?

So, far, there are very few places that are not covered my the 7 year-old maps. However, that is not the point. The point is that the capabilities of the software exceed the capabilities of the current PC nav programs.

In my experience with Mobile PC, it did not show the current street name. I am referring to a text box (or some other clear notation) with the current street name, generally at the bottom of the screen (like iGuidance). Mobile PC shows the current street on the map, with the name of that street on the map as well (sometimes, depending on the scale). When you are driving, it is fairly important to be sure what street you are on.

The Kenwood does this in both nav mode and non-nav mode.
CoPilot v8 shows (and speaks) the street names. I've yet to have it give me "stupid" directions.
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