Streets & Trips says Calculating, but fails to provide turn-by-turn navigation
Today we went to take a long trip and figured I would use Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 because you can plan routes better.

Well, when I went to simply go 2 miles to Arbys from the hotel, the turn by turn navigation did not work!

I selected "From current position", then F3 for ease of use, and it just said "Calculating", and then goes blank while the GPS completely works and tracks my exact position with 8 satellites.

I have 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate (says not genuine copy though, WTF Walmart).

Please help!

I am using the newer GPS dongle with the 2010 software.
Can you tell us what are route seeing in route planner window pane?
Marvin Hlavac
Also, is this issue repeatable, or was it just a one time event?
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