Better topo maps
I have been experimenting with one of my own maps (Boyd's Map of New Jersey / GS Edition Garmin Compatible Map - GPSFileDepot) on Mobile PC, and the rendering engine is capable of doing a much better job than Garmin's default topo display.

But it's glitchy. Compare the day and night screenshots above. The daytime version has a number of problems. Notice how some of the roads have missing sections, such as route 40 in Mays Landing. THey are rendered correctly in night mode. Weird. Also notice the wetlands areas that show in night mode. If you look very carefully you may see the ghost of these areas in the daytime image. They appear in white instead of blue. The basic problem seems to be that it doesn't handle bitmapped object types correctly. These are used to do things like create the striped "candycane" roads and overlay the blue wetlands pattern.

So this needs further study, but it seems possible to take better advantage of all those screen pixels.

For the purpose of comparison, this is what it looks like in nRoute, which is how I intended it to look.

And here's the City Navigator map of the same area.

Continuing with the same technique, we can make just about any topo map look better on Mobile PC (this should also work on the Nuvi). This could be tweaked further to make it look a little better, and I still see the same issue that wetlands display properly in night mode, but not in day. All I have really done here is make the contour lines thinner and the background white instead of tan.

These screenshots are from Garmin's US Topo 100k.

Original Garmin Version

My Modified Version
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