Which PC software can display number of GPS satellites in view?
Hi everyone, I am new user to this forum. And it seems lovely much knowledge on software and GPS.

I do work with Factory car GPS systems, and did install a GPS module inside my Panasonic Toughbook CF.

Now I am in need of software for showing how many satellites there are on the place antenna is placed. It would be great to show ex. 5/12 and not by some graph that is messy to see. And have any suggestion for me? It could also be GPS software for route guidance with this info (Europa).

Regards, thank you.
If you are running Linux, the application you're looking for is "xgps". If on Windows, I have no suggestion.
Marvin Hlavac
For Windows, I think most, if not all, navigation software programs will show you the number of satellites you are currently connected to. As an example, see the attached image. It is a "GPS Sensor", which is a feature of Microsoft AutoRoute (reviewed here).
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"Compass" with "XPort" will do it for free... Just search this forum for those two names to find the link... About