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S&T Keys 2011 beta version
Here is a 1st preliminary version of S&T Keys v4.55.6 for S&T 2011.

This is a beta version and not very well tested at this time. It is suggested that only experienced S&T Keys user's are using it, until a final release version is released.

You may use S&T Keys 2010 online manual:
S&T Keys 2010 online manual
for the moment and reports any problem found with this beta in this thread...

This version can be updated anytime by using the builtin internet update feature (when a newer version is available).

Download S&T Keys 2011 v4.55.6 here:
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Wow so many tanks for taking the time to do this...

I'm using S&T Keys since 2009 and I have to say that this app had really helped me to enjoy Streets & Trips in GPS mode.
When I discovered Keys it was like Christmas! All the things that bugged me off from S&T corrected and several awesome features added!

Lately I installed S&T 2011 and later found that the chances to have a Keys for 2011 was thin I was regretting my upgrade.

Last week I tried it to go somewhere "old style"... Damn it was like I couldn't use S&T... I was like yeah OK I typed my address... F5 doesn't work.
Or OK, I'll do a stop here, damn Pause doesn't work also, fine then I'll use O to stop the driving directions... Shit! this doesn't work also!

I realized that I was addicted to it and S&T without Keys was almost pointless to use.

I will test your Beta and I'll let you know if I find any errors.

Thanks again for this!
Keep up the good work

I hope your are a new happy S&T 2011 and S&T Keys user

Thank you for any feedback you already posted and thanks also for any thing you find with the beta.

You should be very confortable with the 2011 1st beta version which is feature very similar than the 2009 version.

I may add new features that could be found usefull in the final release...

S&T Keys 2011 has been officially released.

See S&T Keys 2011

So the beta thread is now closed
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