Modding Garmin Mobile PC
If you think there could be issues about modifying Garmin software, please feel free to remove the link below, or the whole post for that matter. However, I feel this is ok for my personal use with a product I purchased and the mods have only been made to the resources the program uses, not the actual code.

Anyway, I've been wondering what a .gir file is and what it's used for. Turns out that somebody has written a very cool utility to modify the stock Garmin .gir files, allowing you to create custom "skins" for the program. See this: Garmin MobilePC Hacking

It's actually very simple. Drag the .gir file onto the GIRsplit program and it creates a folder full of .png files representing various interface features. You can then edit any of these and drag the log file back to GIRsplit and it will build a new .gir file that includes your changes.

DON'T MESS WITH THIS UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING! You could make MobilePC unusable. Be sure to backup the original .gir files before attempting to modify them.

I am mostly using MobilePC with my own topo maps. They aren't routable, so there is no value to having that HUGE banner across the top of the page that says Ready to Navigate. There is also additional wasted screen space in the top and bottom of the window frame, so I have done a quick mod to maximize the map window in the main display. Here's the standard layout:

And this is my modded version:

In my quick tests so far, everything still works fine. I think there are a lot of other uses for this - such as the discussion we had about running Mobile PC in portrait orientation where things don't quite fit on the screen. I don't believe this will allow you to get past the 800 pixel width limit, but maybe you could resize some of the buttons to make them fit?

One important note here. At the link above, the version of the program in pbarrette's first post is the one you must use for MPC 5.00.60. The updated version in Iv4n last post on page three of that thread only seems to work on MPC 5.00.70. Evidently something was changed in the file format for that version.
Interesting! Which gir file did you use? I show 3; img_pc.gir, img_480.gir, and img.gir. I assume the middle one is for 800x480 screens, but don't know why there are 2 others. The PC one is considerably larger than the third one though. Maybe it is for this 1920x1200 screen which 5.00.60 can't fill (5.00.70 can).

Different files have different things inside of them. Have a look at them all - some of the symbols are really funny and make you wonder what they could possibly be used for (like a cat and an alien for example )

The main interface symbols seem to be in the img_pc.gir file, which is what I edited. To accomplish the mods shown above, I modified the following. After browsing though the files, you will get a good sense of what they're for by the names and preview images.

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