How to reduce Balloon size, or show only Name, in Microsoft Streets & Trips?
In Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011, I have quite a few business names I am trying to show in a relatively small area. Is it possible to reduce the size of the balloon itself, or maybe even not show the balloon, just the name of the business?
I take it you are talking about Pushpins as opposed to the built-in POIs. If that is the case, you can reduce the balloons to just the top-line name of the pushpin by right-clicking on the pushpin and selecting "Show name". Unfortunately, this seems to be done pushpin by pushpin, i.e., there is no macro option to toggle all pushpins unlike show/hide information.
Thanks. I had come across the one-by-one option - was hoping for a macro of some sort. Just a follow up - is there any way to change the orientation of the business when just showing the name?

It does not seem to me that you can alter the orientation of a name-only balloon, as you have undoubtedly discovered. All I can do is confirm your findings. Sorry.
Dave, I had further thoughts that might help, depending on your needs.

First, I would consider using different pushpin icons for different businesses. The standard palette of pushpins offers a number of options. For instance, you could use different colors or different shapes for different kinds of businesses. Or you could use the icons that are numbers (1-50) or letters (A-Z).

Or you could get even more artistic by creating custom pushin icons. The way to do that is to create BMP files in Paint (or other similar graphic program) that are specific to your needs. For instance, it could be the name of the business just in text format. Note that you can play around with the color of the text and/or background to get just the effects you want. Then, import that BMP file into your pushpin icons and select and drop it where you want. In that way, the text only would show if pushpin info is hidden.

Clearly, this involves a certain amount of effort but it might be worth it depending on your personal considerations.
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