Streets & Trips 2008: external disc?
I have been using S&T2006 and it allowed you to reduce the size of your install by having the data disc as the source of your maps, saving about 1/2 Gb. on the hard drive.

I encountered two problems with my new copy of Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008: it uses a DVD (my drive is broken and only reads CD's now) and it is getting crowded on my hard drive; also the install I did of 2008 on the desktop required all to be put on the hard drive.

Does anyone know if you can do the install onto a thumb drive/stick drive?

Thanks in advance,
Hi ptlycldy,

I am not sure about Streets and Trips on a stick drive, but the instructions that came with my iGuidance suggest it can be loaded on SD/CF card. Perhaps S&T can as well.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Ptlycldy,

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Just like Ed says, I also think it likely is possible. 1) I'd go to Control Panel to uninstall Streets & Trips. 2) I'd start Streets & Trips installation, and when prompted to confirm destination path, I'd choose the path to the removable storage (thumb drive/stick drive).

Let us know how it works out for you.
Why would you want to run S&T on a flash drive? Hard drives these days are cheap.
Thanks to all for the replies. The reason I asked is the two install limit imposed by MS. I've already installed it on the desk top -- I use that to plan trips & make maps. The laptop is for tracking.

As to why not just put it on the laptop disc is the room. I partitioned my disc several years back, and now don't have large blocks to install in. (I am retired now, so with rising costs of everything, buying a larger HD is a bigger decision.)

Since I live in the country and only have dialup, I can remain offline. Does anyone remember if you can install it, test it, then uninstall it, without using up one of your two installs? Or to make it work on a trial basis, do you have to log on to MS?

Thanks again for all you guys' comments.

Some points on your situation:

Installing it on a separate drive has nothing to do with activation. You cannot simply move that drive to a different computer and save yourself an install. The program's data may reside on the drive, but the registry information will be on your laptop's built-in hard drive. The program will only work on that one laptop.

If running Windows XP or above, I believe you can merge partitions dynamically without a reformat, assuming you used Windows to partition the hard drive in the first place.

As far as the two concurrent licenses are concerned: People are in general too worried about Microsoft product activation, and there's no need to be. There's a hotline that you can call by phone if you run into any issues. I've only had to call that hotline once in my life, and I install various Microsoft software maybe 20 times a year. You're not alone, and there are all sorts of other things that can lead to activation problems: hard drive failures, disposed computers without uninstalls, etc.
Ken in Regina
Simple answer: you don't have to activate S&T immediately to start using it. It has a countdown timer and will keep harassing you for a few days until you activate it but you can cheerfully ignore the harassment to test whatever it is you want to test before activating it.

As part of the installation procedure you can specify where you want to install S&T. I'm not sure how flexible it is about allowing you to install on a flash drive or whatever, or whether you can install the maps on a different drive than the program, but if that's what you want to test, you can do lots of installation tests and uninstalls without having to activate until you are certain it will work the way you want.

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