City Navigator vs. MapSource
Can any one explain the major difference between the two. Does anyone use both of them? Does anyone use only City Navigator?

Mike Flannigan
The Garmin product City Navigator (as in CNNA NT 20xx) is map software that can be viewed in MapSource or BaseCamp; or used with various Garmin handheld and portable navigation devices. It is not a standalone item.

Ken in Regina
Hey Mike,

Just to add to what Terry said:

MAPSOURCE: A program to do trip planning and map management.

MAPSOURCE: A name that Garmin also sticks on nearly all of their map products, including the City Navigator series.

CITY NAVIGATOR: A name that Garmin uses for one of its map product lines. This distinguishes it from other map products like TOPO and METROGUIDE. City Navigator is a line of products that allows you to buy maps for many parts of the world.

Just to make it more complicated for people, the name MAPSOURCE also appears on their METROGUIDE and TOPO map products, e.g. "Mapsource Metroguide Canada" or "Mapsource City Navigator North America", etc.

The reason they may do that might be because the DVD version of the various map products also includes a copy of the MAPSOURCE program on the DVD. This allows you to view the maps on your PC, transfer map segments, waypoints, tracks and routes between your PC and your navigation devices, create routes, search for stuff in the maps, etc.

In fact, the Mapsource program allows you to all of the things, and sometimes more than, your navigation devices can do. The only thing the Mapsource program cannot do is realtime navigation.

CITY NAVIGATOR is just a set of maps. If you buy the microSD version or the download version you do not get the Mapsource program. And if you download and install Mapsource from Garmin's web site you cannot use it with the microSD version or the download version of the maps. If you want the ability to use your maps for trip planning and other things on your PC you must be sure to buy the DVD version of your map product.

I hope that helps.

Just to add to the confusion, every update of City Navigator you download has the ability to install on the device it is intended for (eg Nuvi) plus install a copy on the computer usable with MapSource. Just make sure you pick the right option.

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