How can I get my Topo 4 maps to show in nRoute?
Hello all!

I have been using a Garmin 60Cx gps unit for the past few years and have made great use out of it. I have Basecamp/Mapsource installed on my laptop that I use to create routes, waypoints, etc and send to my GPS and everything works fine.

I use the Garmin Topo Canada v4 maps (again both on my GPS unit and in Mapsource) and in both Basecamp and Mapsource I have a drop-down menu that lets me choose which mapset to display (basemap or topo 4).

I recently discovered nRoute, and would love to make use of it on my laptop in conjunction with my 60Cx, but after installing nRoute (version 276) I only have basemap available to me. In fact, I don't see a dropdown box at all in nRoute like I do in MapSource/Basecamp.

I even tried reinstalling Topo 4, but it said everything is installed properly. Am I missing something obvious? How can I get my Topo 4 maps to show in nRoute?

Any and all help GREATLY appreciated!
Ken in Regina
nRoute is old and Garmin has changed the way their maps install. nRoute can't see maps that are installed the new way. All of your currently installed maps must be of the newer variety. Topo Canada v4 is definitely the new method. That would explain why you see nothing but the basemap and no drop-down selector, ie. nothing to select so no selector displayed.

You need a tool called ReverseMapConverter. If you use the search box at the top of any page on this site and search for that name you will get some descriptions of what it does and how to use it. There should also be descriptions of how to get it in one or more of the threads that the search will turn up for you.

As Ken says, MapReverseConverter can convert Topo Canada v4 to the old format allowing its use with nRoute.

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Wow, thanks so much for the fast replies!

I had searched these forums and did make note of the fact that I might have to convert maps, but from the posts I saw I mistakenly thought the Topo 4 maps would simply "not look right", especially around water and land borders... I didn't realize I wouldn't even be able to select the map.

I downloaded the app last night, ran the conversion overnight, and this morning all works perfectly!

Thanks again so much for a speedy solution to my problem!
Ken in Regina
Glad to hear it worked for you. It's always nice to get feedback on the success stories, not just the failures. Thanks.

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