Changing route options for multiple segments in Microsoft Streets & Trips
I apologized if this question has been asked and answered in a previous thread, but I failed to find this specific topic in the archives. I have a route of over 200 stops. While building the route I occasionally would change the route options for specific segments, but was rather inconsistent in this regard. Now I would like to change the routing on many consecutive segments. I have tried dragging over the segments while holding "control". Doesn't work. It appears that I have to select each segment individually, while holding "control". Is this the only method?

I also have a suggestion for future modifications. I would find it helpful if in the route options window, the stops at the beginning and end of specific segments were identified by the stop numbers, as apposed to the map locations. I find it difficult identifying the segments that I might want to change routing options on when looking at the stop names, since I often don't rename the stops to accurately reflect the map location until the final stage of planning my trip.

Usually in Windows, if Ctrl select works on individual items, the way to select contiguous items is to select the first and shift select the last. Have you tried that?

Marvin Hlavac
select the first and shift select the last.
Terry is correct, the method he described lets you select multiple route segments in the "More Route Options" dialog box at once.
Dah! At one time I think I knew that, but as the saying goes "you use it or you lose it". Thanks for reminding me. On, in case you all are interested, the trip is up to 315 stops and I am not on the return yet.

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