Questions on Streets and Trips 2008
After using the ALK Copilot products for a number of years, I thought I'd give Microsoft Streets and Trips a try after purchasing and returning Copilot 11 because of many issues. The RV forums recommended S&T and so far I like many of its features. The maps are much more up to date than Copilot and the routing seems a lot better. Just a few questions that maybe someone more experienced with the product can answer:

I can bring up a list of places like rest areas, for example, within 1 mile of my route. Is there a way to have these places appear on the map as I'm driving?

If I don't click on "arrange map" on the gps pane, the map doesn't move as I drive and the arrow tracks off the map. Is there a way to fix this without constantly moving the map with the arrow keys?

Thanks in advance
Marvin Hlavac
Hi jtlipecki,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

1) Yes, you can enable/disable displaying of icons for various POI groups in the "Find Nearby Places" feature.

2) You could use the free add-on S&T Keys to automate such tasks as turning on some GPS features when starting Streets & Trips.
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