USB Internet stick disables USB GPS receiver
I just installed Garmin nRoute in my Dell 610 laptop. When I have my Comcast Internet stick in the other USB port it disables nRoute. Any suggestions?
A lot more information is needed. What GPS are you using. You state 'other' USB port so I am assuming you have some sort of GPS receiver already connected. Is it on a dongle?

I am using Garmin nRoute 2.0 and the receiver plugs into a USB port. When I plug in my Comcast mobile device into the other USB port the receiver looses signal. When I unplug the mobile device, it comes back on. It's like its fighting for the same com port.

I was thinking of getting a USB splitter and plugging both devices into the same USB.

I was using Streets and Trips before, and had no problem.
You still have not said what you are using for a GPS.

nRoute 2? The product was discontinued year ago by Garmin but the last version was 2.76

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Bobby,

I was using Streets and Trips before, and had no problem.
Are you using the Microsoft's USB GPS dongle receiver that comes with Microsoft Streets & Trips? If that's the case, USB GPS dongles don't perform well when plugged directly, without a USB extension cable, into laptop computers. Read more here: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/4117-what-can-interfere-gps-signal
Hmm, I'm wondering if this has something to do with a COM port conflict instead of interference?

FWIW, now that I've been using it for awhile, I am having no problems whatsoever with the uBlox/Microsoft GPS plugged directly into the USB port on my HP Slate. Of course, it's certainly worth trying an extension cord as part of the troubleshooting process though.
When I was using Streets and Trips I used a Deluo receiver and plug it directly into the USB port and had no problems. I used com port 6, but when I installed the Garmin nRoute and used their receiver that's when I had the conflict with my Comcast device.

Since Comcast mobile internet works like crap in my vehicle (the only thing mobile about it is that I take it for a spin around the city each day showing it the sites and the last thing on it's mind is staying connected to the internet. maybe if I bought it a big gulp and a doughnut the sugar would make it hyper active and it would stay connected!) yesterday I switched to Verizon MiFi, which doesn't need a USB to work, so this should fix my problem. eeeemmmm... doughnuts...

By the way, I like the Garmin nRoute except for about a million things, when you plug in the street address you have to click on a street search box and after you type in the street you then pick it out from a drop down list, out of the eight streets I plugged in only one came up and (and the Garmin tech had to help me with that) these streets have been here since the city was built. What Guinness thought of that idea? And to add insult to injury, it shows me street names that I swear could only be goat trails or just made up.

Streets and Trips you type in the address and street name and 9 out of 10 it always pulled it up and it also has a memory in that if you regularly use a certain city or street address it will display it as an option, as far as I can see Garmin doesn't.

Maybe if Garmin would increase the banana intake of their retarded crack monkeys they would be able to make a program that the average working person who doesn't have a half hour to punch in an address easier. Don't get me wrong, I think monkeys are always funny, but not in this case!

At this point you may be wondering why I'm not still using Streets and Trips. It is because my receiver broke and Deluo is out of biz. So I thought to myself, self... why don't you buy a different program? And I said good idea! I thought Garmin was the master of the GPS universe so why not theirs? What I didn't know was that their universe is in bizarro world. That's the last time I listen to myself... stupid self...

Now I will try and see if I can get my Garmin receiver to work with Streets and Trips. Bet it won't, or if it does it will drive me into a lake, but what are the chance of that happening??? Anyway enough of the rant, thanks for all the help.
The Garmin GPS18 will not work directly with Streets & Trips. However, if you get a copy of GPS Gate, it will provide the appropriate interface.

Ken in Regina

It's a little unfair to blame Garmin when you have decided to use a program that was discontinued years ago. You aren't even using the latest version of that ancient old thing.

If you are using a Garmin GPS18, as seems likely, that's also pretty old tech compared to the Microsoft USB receiver so some conflicts are no great surprise.

As far as Streets&Trips having better maps, that's only because you have such old Garmin maps (I know this because nRoute is so old it won't use the latest versions of Garmin's maps.). Microsoft uses the same detail maps in Streets&Trips that Garmin uses in their main roadmaps. Neither company does their own mapmaking. They both get the map data from a company called Navteq.

There are two possibilities for the conflict. It's possible that both devices want to use the same virtual COM port. That is, it's not that they want to use the same USB port. Both devices have drivers that convert the USB port to a virtual COM port so the software that uses those devices is trying to work through a COM port, not directly through the USB ports. It's possible, as Boyd and Terry have said, that they are both trying to use the same COM port number (e.g. COM3) and that's creating a conflict.

The other possibility is that most of those internet USB sticks also contain GPS receivers and that might be causing some sort of conflict.

If you know someone who knows how to troubleshoot communication problems, get them to check the COM port usage when you have each of your devices connected to the USB port. But do the check with only one device at a time plugged in so you can see which port it wants to use if there's nothing else plugged in.

I think we've fallen through a time warp into the previous century.

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